Pig Out Lunch Club

Buy 9 BBQ Sandwiches, Get Your 10th Free at BB's Lawnside BBQ

Pig Out Lunch Club

Buy 9 Sandwiches, Get Your 10th Sandwich Free!

The Deal

  • Pick up a Pig Out Lunch Club card at BB’s. 
  • Buy a sandwich during lunch hours. 
  • Every time you buy a sandwich, a staff member will stamp your card. 
  • Once you have purchased nine sandwiches, your 10th sandwich is FREE! 
  • Turn in your card with your name and email and you will be entered to win a BB’s T-shirt. Watch the Website and facebook for details. 
  • Then, grab another card and start over.

You can only use your Pig Out Lunch Club card during lunch hours (11am-2pm Wed. thru Sun.). And Lunch Specials are not included. But you can buy as many sandwiches as you want during your visit. Bring nine friends to lunch and your 10th sandwich is FREE!

Get Your Card at BB’s Today! Or Fill Out the Form Below and We’ll Mail Some to You!

Pig Out Lunch Club Card | BB's Lawnside BBQ


Pig Out Lunch Club Cards

Provide your contact information and we will send you Pig Out Lunch Club cards to share with co-workers, friends or family.
  • Tell us how many cards you would like us to send you. Max is 50.